Technology Fusion

With over 25 years of combined experience in the A/V and IT field, Technology Fusion provides clients with prompt, efficient and cost-effective integrated media design solutions. Technology Fusion custom designs and maintains technology systems in businesses and personal spaces, so clients are able to value their time, value their resources, and value their surroundings. The Design team solves the complexity of managing operating platforms at work and home with reliable, consistent and scalable systems. Integrating award-winning products, spam control, automation, switching, distributed audio and video and technology management, Technology Fusion is a one-stop shop for all computer and audio/video needs. I just found a great list of high temperature epoxy here www.epoxysetinc.com.

Technology Fusion has a vision to design and integrate innovative systems that simplify the world and the people in it. Technology Fusion’s mission is to design, market, sell, service and integrate the world’s best products and solutions - all of which are delivered by Technology Fusion staff to simplify each client’s life around their individual needs.

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Training & Support

Technology Fusion’s engineers, technicians, and customer service representative attend extensive and on-going training because world-class customer service is extremely valuable to clients. The team will work tirelessly on your behalf to meet your demands.

Technology Fusion’s design team possesses specialized skill sets (CTS-I, CTS-D, and CTS) such as system and user interface design, programming, documentation, installation, Design and on-site services to help our installation team complete products at a time valuable for the client.

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Technology Fusion is headquartered in Manhattan, New York, with regional representatives and operational managers in California, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Washington and Miami.

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